Get LingSync
A Free Tool for Creating and Maintaining a Shared Database For Communities, Linguists and Language Learners

Speakers, linguists, and learners can contribute remotely to one centralized database, distributing the responsibility of documentation.

The database is shared between researchers and the community. Everyone with permission has access to the data, ensuring that language information is not just on the computers of a few people.

While it is easy to share data, the database is secure and encrypted. Permission settings control who can see what.

LingSync is customizable. You decide what is important and how much detail goes into your database.

Data is easy to tag, search, and sort by factors you can create (i.e., speaker, date, morpheme or construction type).

It is very easy to import and export data in a variety of formats.

Learners can participate in recording and transcribing their language. Users can easily search the database for specific words or phrases, and discover patterns on their own.

Material can be easily converted from LingSync to language lessons on a complementary language learning app (still under development).

LingSync is a Chrome app, which means it works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPad, and also offline.

LingSync is free and open source. You maintain control of your data.

LingSync learns from your data to streamline morpheme glossing.

LingSync automatically backs up your database. Previous versions are accessible, making it easy to undo any mistakes.